What is Green Travel, Anyway?

By Dian Hasan | June 5, 2009



earthWith the rise in mankind’s awareness of the dire need to take care of the earth, and the importance of partaking in constructive action on each individual doing a part. Coming together as a community to work for a common environmental cause is one way this translates into action. There are increased calls criticizing the travel industry and whether it’s doing enough to reduce the impact of mankind’s thirst for travel. In comes the term “Green Travel”, “Responsible Travel”, “Sustainable Travel”, and a host of other terms that essentially mean the same. Let’s stick to one term then – Green Travel – and analyze what it really means. The following article explains it in plain language.

By Peter Davidson

Have you heard about Green Travel ? No it does not mean a trekking holiday in some green areas in the world. Green Travel can mean anything from environmentally eco tours, to responsible eco-tourism options, sustainable travel or stays in ecolodges that are environmentally conscious.

Green travel means to travel in a responsible way towards nature and the environment. To leave your destination as you found it so others can enjoy it just as much as you did. Green travel is a revolution that is just starting and that will become more and more part and parcel of the travel industry.

Green Travel very important because travel is such a huge industry that it leaves a huge impact on a tourism area so that without having the green emphasis the footprint left behind by the many travelers will leave a negative impact on the environment that can develop in a disaster.

Tourism is a tremendously growth-oriented industry, and is among the world’s largest, with spending figures estimated at over five hundred billion per year in recent years. Because of the overwhelming size of the industry globally, millions of people are employed within its ranks, and are therefore of great concern when it comes to responsible, eco-conscious decisions.

Any trip starts with a traveler’s choice of where and how to travel. And this is where the impact and importance of personal decisions of travelers is so important. The travel industry listens to its customers and when travelers are asking and demanding green travel options then eventually the travel industry will comply and adapt it travel packages to green travel solutions.

The impact of global travel, when geared toward the positive impact through green travel, can be terrific, such as when tourism’s dollars go to the enhancement of local populations, or when travelers return home with a fresh take on other cultures, communities and environments, for instance. And whilst conserving the environment at the destination they visit travelers can make a huge impact on the world.

Whenever you travel, do what you can to extend the extra effort to ask questions about the businesses that service your trip: from hotels to tours to restaurants and more. Find out what you can about the impact of their businesses on the environment, in terms of both the physical and cultural aspects. No set of universal standards or guidelines currently exists to ensure that those in the travel and tourism industry world-wide operate according to environmentally conscious principles.

With a greater emphasis placed on the environment in general, travel and tourism has also felt the weight of the green revolution. The travel and tourism industry has sprung up in places where the natural environment remains in tact and available for one to experience first-hand. At its best, ecotourism is essentially nature travel of and cultivation of appreciation for the unadulterated vistas and landscapes of the planet.

Green travel is available in most popular destinations around the world for different kinds of budgets and different types of travel.

Now what can you do now that will make a difference ? Well adapt the green travel principles and look for an eco or green tour that protects the local environment by limiting the footprint left behind by the trips they organize there. There are more and more options available so do your research and travel the green way!

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