Birdwatching soars as an interesting hobby

By Kristen Wyatt | Associate Press Writer | May 13, 2009

Jim Rapp, director of Delmarva Low-Impact Tourism Experiences, looks for a bird through binoculars in a nearby tree on the Nassawango Creek in Snow Hill, Md. By Matthew S. Gunby, AP Photo

What a sight it is when a hummingbird hovers close to some pretty summer flowers or an eagle soars above the canyons. Birdwatching is interesting hobby for those who love birds and are eager to learn more about them. Observing birds in their natural habitat and discovering the different spectacular species is what bird watching is all about.

Unlike hunting and fishing, birdwatching is blossoming into an incredibly popular activity for numerous people all over the world. Most people enjoy getting out into nature [^] as a way to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the ever increasing fast paced world that we live in these days.


A Great White Egret sits on a log near Deal Island, Md. Maryland is considered a top bird watching spot, from the bald eagles at Blackwater to the peregrine falcons dotting the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. By Matthew S. Gunby, AP Photo

The recent data shows the boom birdwatching is witnessing. According to the U.S. Fish and wildlife [^]Service, birdwatching is now a hobby of 47.8 million Americans, with wildlife [^] watching up 8% from 2000 to 2006. Over the same period hunting and fishing declined in popularity by 4% and 12%, respectively.

To guide the newcomers, there have been many birding trials created in more than 20 states have created since 2000. Also, outfitters are branching out to offer trips focusing on feathery critters.

Bird watching is really an interesting hobby that lets you enjoy the excitement you feel when you have the opportunity see that rarely seen bird species. The feeling of joy and admiration that you feel towards your bird watching hobby is beyond comparison!

Source: USA Today

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