Cycling holidays witnessing huge revival

By Rebecca Smithers | The Guardian | August 22, 2007

Getting a breath of fresh air ... cycling is part of over two million holidays taken by Brits. Photo: TFL

It seems alarming climatic changes are drawing attention of lot of people around the world. Bicycle craze which once became the story of past is seeing a huge revival. Besides mounting environmental problems, health, fitness and the glamour of the Tour de France are various other reasons that are driving a huge revival in cycling holidays.

Britain is one one such place that is seeing a big surge in two-wheeled active breaks. It is becoming a nation of cycling enthusiasts. Research reveals that health conscious Britons are going‘wheely’ mad for cycling holidays. As many as 450,000 cycling holidays were taken last year, accounting for a collective £120 million.

Whatever be the reason-health, fitness, Tour de France’s glamour or environmental issues, cycling is getting a new lease of life and we hope to see a rise in number of people who opt for cycling holidays. Cycling is the best way to go out on a relaxing break away from the crowds and promoting eco-travel. Next time, you plan to take a break away from the crowd, go out on a cycling holiday. Enjoy!

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Source: Guardian

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