More Eco-Volunteer Opportunities across the World

By Dian Hasan | June 23, 2009

VolunTourism_www.intelligenttravel.typepad.com_6a00d83518d15e53ef00e550480ede8833-800wiThe explosion of information on the internet today has meant that virtually any information is literally available a click away. Any imaginable niche market is not only available, but comes replete with active forums and communities, like-minded people with common interest linked together. Sourcing ideas for Volunteer Tourism is no different. As I mentioned in my previous post regarding GoEco organization that matches volunteers and volunteering opportunities around the world, here are some more valuable resources on similar organizations to ensure your next trip is an unforgettable experience while giving something back.

Ecoteer is a website where volunteers can find opportunities abroad, and organizations can, in turn, look for volunteers. They eliminate the middleman and do not charge for advertising, so organizations that might be lacking in funds can still attract volunteers for what they are offering. Work opportunities include eco-lodges, conservations, farms, teaching and humanitarian projects worldwide.

People and Places
People and Places matches skills and experience to needs, enabling volunteers and communities to gain mutual benefits. The volunteers do not replace local workers, but learn and work with them, sharing their experiences and expertise. They match volunteers with projects, with a focus on working closely with their local partners.

Voluntourists without Borders
Voluntourists Without Borders (VWB) provides volunteer funding and support for communities and  schools. Their goal is to engage travelers in meaningful experiences that provide long-term benefit to the local community residents.

They call themselves a travel agency but use it in the loose sense: they organize trips by bringing tourists to places that are normally not accessible, and provide the opportunity to protect the environment or aid in the community while you’re there. Ecovolunteer links individuals with conservation projects in search of extra hands.

Global Vision International
Global Vision provides volunteers with safe, responsible travel experiences, training and career  opportunities, while simultaneously giving its partners research ownership rights and benefits to the local community.

Source: ecoki

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