Bulgari Bali Supports Green Project

Bulgari Resort_BALI_Bulgari1Bulgari Resort Bali joined forces with the Youth Organization and various schools to implement a plantation of 1,000 Mango Trees on the cliff top site of the Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple, already arid area which due to the dry seasons has lost a significant number of trees and plants and the rest of which are slowly disappearing.

Thanks to these newly planted trees, of which 300 have been donated by the Bulgari Resort, the temple area of Uluwatu will once again return to the luscious, green andto preserve its wildlife of birds and sacred monkeys that populate the area.

From sunrise to sunset the “Green Team” of the Bulgari Resort worked hand-in-hand with the the local community in order to achieve the remarkable goal of 1,000 planted trees, firmly convinced that nurturing nature is vital to improve the quality of life.

Keeping in line with the Balinese Hindu “Tri Hita Karana” tenet – 3 concepts to achieve peacefulness and happiness, this project is also a way to celebrate the Balinese connection with Mother Nature and to create harmony between human beings and the environment.

According to these beliefs, Balinese people are required to live in harmony with God by up-keeping the Temple (Parhyangan concept), by reserving a good relationship with each other (Pawongan concept), and by taking care of the environment (Pelemahan). The One Thousand Tree Plantation project is also a way to sustain the island and its population.

The Youth organization will take care of all newly planted trees cultivation and will then report to all other donators and participants on their growing status. This valuable project is yet another example of the Bulgari Resort’s support of Bali’s preservation.

Source: Now Bali | July 2009

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