Glamping in West Java ~ exploring nature with all the creature comforts

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When holidays arrive, many urbanites dream of escaping the concrete jungle and getting back to nature. For those sick of city life, the perfect escape involves lots of fresh air and some adrenalin-pumping outdoor fun. Well, now you can enjoy all the excitement of getting back to nature while still enjoying the comforts of home and 5-star hotel service. And although you may think this is a novelty, it is a growing trend across the world, and has even earned its own name ~ Glamping, short for glamorous camping!

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Explore Nature with all the Conveniences of Home
Going camping can be a tricky business. True conquerors of nature are, of course, always eager to rough it and ready to tackle whatever hardships may come their way. Others may like the idea of the outdoors, just not the reality. There are the beautiful landscapes of endless forests and towering mountains, but there is also the discomfort of lugging heavy camping gear, the pain of trekking up steep hills and the embarrassment of looking for a convenient tree whenever nature calls.
Glamping_Situgunung_West Java_tanakita1
But now some enterprising companies have taken all the discomfort out of nature, so that all you have to concern yourself with is the beauty. It is called “five-star camping lifestyle”, which involves experiencing nature and wildlife in a more comfortable and luxurious style than your average outdoorsman. You can get a taste of of this new style of camping at Tanakita, a campsite managed by Rakata Adventure, a tour operator which provides outdoor activities for training and recreational purposes. The site is located in a beautiful valley in the Mount Gede-Pangrango National Park in Sukabumi, West Java.

“I simply want to share how enjoyable camping is,” said Mr. Rahman Satria Adi, one of the founders of Rakataa Adventure. “Can you imagine sitting at the top of the mountain, with the clouds gathered overhead and breathing in the fresh air, in the middle of a refreshing drizzle?”

Glamping_Situgunung_West Java_tanakita2“I want people to feel the same way I do about how wonderful it is, and how easy you can get such experience. And, the most important thing,” the experienced camper said, “it doesn’t have to be painful!.”

He really meant it when he said this was unlike any camping trip you’ve ever been on. When you step into the park, you and your bags are picked up by a special vehicle – just like the concierge service at a hotel – and transported to your tent. And what a tent it is! A thick plastic based and foam bed ensure maximum comfort and a good night’s sleep, by keeping the cool night air safely outside, where it belongs.
Glamping_Situgunung_West Java_tk10h
Besides a thick bed with pillows and warm blankets, you can also keep in touch with the outside world from the tent, which has electricity sockets for your notebook, BlackBerry and other gadgets. And here’s the nicest part: with its concept of “five-star hotel” service, you can answer the call of nature in a spick and span indoor toilet, compete with a shower with all the hot water you could want. Finally, no more creeping around the bushes! Delicious meals are served three times a day by the campsite’s excellent chef, so you might want to leave your kitchen utensils at home.
Glamping_Situgunung_West Java_tanakita3Glamping_Situgunung_West Java_tk09h
At Tanakita, you can spend your time lolling around under the shady trees, doing nothing more than basking in the stunning landscape while breathing in the clean air. Or you can take up some challenging outdoor activities, like mountain biking, trekking, or floating in a tire down the pristine river. So, budding campers, now is your chance to enjoy nature, while still enjoying the level of luxury to which you are accustomed. It really is the best of both worlds.

For a comfortable camping experience, contact Rakata Adventure, Jakarta.

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