Nature captured at its most stunning ~ The Wild Image Project

The Wild Image Project_photo_Daniel Fox_www.been-seen.com_3809250248_447ef32b46_o

In a world of high speed technology, it’s easy to lose our connection with nature. But as humans, we’re dependent on the natural world. It’s where we draw our inspiration and many times, our sanity. Travel is often an excellent vehicle for reinforcing the importance of that connection, reminding us of the simple natural beauty that can be found all around us. The Wild Image Project is just that, an exploratory adventure to document the natural world, inspiring viewers to act as participants in a visual communication with nature.

The Wild Image Project_photo_Daniel Fox_www.been-seen.com_3808435653_33d9052c23_o
Photographer, kayaker and explorer Daniel Fox created The Wild Image Project to encourage us to think about our roles as environmental stewards.
The Wild Image Project_photo_Daniel Fox_www.been-seen.com_3809250306_f24954bd04_o
Bringing the viewer up close with images of wildlife in their natural habitats helps us remember the importance of the natural world and how dependent on it we are.
The Wild Image Project_photo_Daniel Fox_www.been-seen.com_3808435115_365faf09cb_o
As Fox puts it, “I want people to understand the importance and necessity of our relationship with Nature. Our survival depends on it. Planet Earth will survive. We don’t need to worry about her. What we need to worry is us. We need her more than she needs us.”
The Wild Image Project_photo_Daniel Fox_www.been-seen.com_3809250372_12d2d6682c_o
Fox does that by traveling to some of the world’s remotest places by kayak, photographing all that he sees and creating a convergence of art, adventure and activism. His current work from Argentina is a beautiful example of this, showing everything from brightly colored birds to beautiful breaching dolphins.
The Wild Image Project_photo_Daniel Fox_www.been-seen.com_3809250248_447ef32b46_o
As an artist Fox aims to motivate others to alter their perspective on global issues by aesthetically presenting information and ideas that stimulate engagement. But The Wild Image Project isn’t about showing us an unknown world, it’s about highlighting the beauty of the one we already live in. “I believe in enhancing a reality, not creating a new one,” says Fox. His photographs are sure to inspire.
The Wild Image Project_photo_Daniel Fox_www.been-seen.com_3808435467_1a2d9a5d7b_o
The Wild Image Project_photo_Daniel Fox_www.been-seen.com_3808435325_ebbe586e0b_o


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