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To travel or not to travel… seems to be the question on some people’s minds, when deciding about what responsible tourism really means. And contemplating whether to just stay closer to home and not take an overseas trip that requires flying and generating a carbon footprint. Of course there are always different schools of thoughts, with people still wanting to travel, albeit more selective in choosing how their travel directly impacts communities. And how their travel can make a positive difference. By the same token, who arranges your travel can also make a difference. Elevate Destinations, a Cambridge, MA-based travel agent will donate percentage of trip proceeds to non-profits in host countries.

Elevate Destinations was founded by Dominique Callimanopulos, who acquired her taste for world travel from a young age. Here’s an excerpt about her organization:

And some of the organizations they channel travelers’ donations to:

Elevate Desintaions-papua3Elevate Desintaions-masaElevate Destinations is a designer of Responsive Travel: travel that makes a difference to the countries we visit. We custom design extraordinary individual, group and family trips, giving a percentage of profits to the protection of natural resources and community development in destination countries.

Visits to community projects as well as short-term service and volunteer opportunities are available to all interested travelers.

Elevate Desintaions-lion2Make Travel MatterElevate Desintaions-hennaWe also create donor trips for non-profit organizations to highlight their successful overseas work. learn more

Whenever possible, we select eco-luxury accommodations for our travelers: green options that do not compromise on aesthetics, amenities, service or security.

In addition, our online travel philanthropy program, Travel Matters, permits all travelers to make a donation to screened NGOs in the country they are visiting, whether or not they are traveling with us. learn more

We invite you to take a journey of a lifetime that also makes a lifetime of difference to others.

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