Volunteering overseas, via Dublin-based Comhlámh


I must admit when I first stumbled upon the name Comhlámh, I thought it was a Vietnamese name, not thinking for a minute that it could be something European. But it turned out to be a Dublin-based organization for Volunteering, Comhlámh (pronounced ‘co-law-ve’, Irish for ‘solidarity’). Both domestically, in Ireland, and overseas, through its affiliate, Volunteering Options. To learn more about this Comhlámh with its many programs, click here.

Comhlámh (pronounced ‘co-law-ve’, Irish for ‘solidarity’) is a member and supporter organisation open to anyone interested in social justice, human rights and global development issues. Marking its 34th year in 2009, it connects, informs, educates and campaigns on these matters.

Comhlámh (which means “Link Hands” or “Solidarity”) has activist groups and initiatives made up of volunteers from the public in the areas of Trade Justice, Anti-Racism, Focus magazine and Options and Issues in Development and we run regular courses and training workshops for the public and development workers alike.

Comhlámh’s Volunteering Options programme is designed to provide information and advice to people thinking about volunteering abroad, whether with development agencies or with other organisations. The programme has its own website at http://www.volunteeringoptions.org.

The website contains a searchable database of over 115 organisations that arrange international volunteer placements. It also sets out information for people before, during and after their volunteer placement. Other sections include links to relevant resources and information on upcoming courses and events relating to overseas volunteering.

Development is empowerment: it is about local people taking control of their own lives, expressing their own demands and finding their own solutions to their problems.

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