Foundations for Understanding Philantrophic Travel

exquisite safaris philanthropic travel

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) states that if responsible practices are in place, Philanthropic Travel is the natural interlocutor between the wealth and desires of the global traveler and the socio-economic needs of some of the world’s most remote, but heritage-rich communities, natural and cultural sites.

It’s vital to manage, through collaboration, the impact of tourism and the low-volume, high yield operators particularly in the luxury tier are in a unique position to deliver service and stability to world heritage. UNESCO sees responsible travel as a delicate balancing act. Tourism involves a series of trade-offs but, within an agreed framework of goals and limits and a climate of educational, respectful relationships, we have one of our most powerful tools for poverty reduction.

“There’s something in all of us that hungers after the good and true, and when we glimpse it in people, we applaud them for it. Through them we let the world’s pain into our hearts, and we find compassion. When things go wrong or have been terribly wrong for some time, their inspiration reminds us of the tenderness for life that we can all feel.” ~ Bishop Desmund Tutu

“What David is doing is wonderful because it combines the best of everything,” says Chellie Kew, founder of Qfund, a non-profit organization whose grassroots endeavors in Africa are sometimes observed by Exquisite Safaris Philanthropic Travelers. “You get the world-class accommodations, the top-notch activities, and then end up at a project that is life-changing.” ~ Chellie Kew, QFund

“Philanthropic Travel is the ultimate travel experience and a WIN-WIN-WIN formula on many, many levels.” ~ David Chamberlain, Exquisite Safaris Philanthropic Travel

Source: Philantrophic Travel

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