Philanthropy Tourism and the plight of African Orphans

young-african-wildlife-safari-2-young-giraffe-w-michael-poliza-bA brief look into Philantrophic Travel in Africa, and how this type of travel that is growing in popularity – in tandem with Volunteer Travel (increasingly known as VolunTourism) and Responsible Travel– is being accommodated.

Allowing for Travelers not only to appreciate the beauty of the land and immerse in the culture, but more importantly become more engaged, and potentially be exposed to a life-changing experience. The opportunity to make a difference in others’ lives as well as their own. This is how one Kenyan-based travel company – Victoria Safaris – is promoting Philanthrophic Travel in East Africa, and working for the benefit of Orphaned children mainly due to War or HIV-AIDS.

african-orphan-outreach-in-kenya-www.cluelessclay.comAfrica is a continent where there has been an influx of orphans due to HIV-AIDS and other diseases which have inflicted many African communities. The sickness has been brought on mainly by poverty in both the rural and urban centers, evolving into the sad reality of more orphans.

Victoria Safaris is a tour company based in Kenya, Africa which has developed new Tour Packages as part of Community-based Tourism on the African continent, with the main mission to take tourists to the various travel destinations in East Africa, such as: Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

African orphans-kenya_lisah_93The concept behind Orphanage Tourism is a combination of Philanthropic Tourism and Community-based Tourism for the alleviation of poverty among the African poor. Victoria Safaris‘s endeavor is to expose the poverty and challenges faced by Orphans, and raise awareness to their plight: inability to attend school, poorly managed orphanages, the lack of food, sanitation, and shelter.

African Orphans-274808-main_FullGiven such dire circumstances afflicting children, Victoria Safaris developed Tour Packages for both local and foreign tourists to participate in the alleviation of poverty and misery among African orphans.

It’s a child’s basic human right to have access to food, decent shelter, and attend school, not to mention adequate sanitation facilities.

If you’re interested to help: booking any of your Safari Tour through Victoria Safaris already constitutes the first step in helping promote the cause. Understandably, nothing can replace the power of a “first-hand experience”, and it would help tremendously to visit the various orphanages and communities living with African orphaned children. To allow better understanding of the severity of the challenges faced by these impoverished communities.

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