Bamboo Bike for a higher cause ~ philanthropy project for Africa

calfee-bamboo-bikeInnovation, sustainable material, alternative low-cost transportation, and philanthropy apparently can be in the same sentence. The Bamboo Bike Project is given the challenge to design a bicycle made of Bamboo (yes, you heard it correctly!) for use as transportation solution in Ghana, Africa. Commendable project indeed, and very innovative nonetheless.

Did you ever imagine a bicycle could be built out of Bamboo? Yes, Bamboo as in that woody plant typically associated with Panda bears and Asia. Well, bikes made, or grown, out of Bamboo are now part of the bicycle industry.

The creators behind this earthy two-wheeler are none other than a group of Scientists and Engineers from Columbia University who came together to give birth to The Bamboo Bike Project. But the design of the bikes are not the only innovation behind this creation. These grassy bicycles are not meant for bohemian New Yorkers strolling through Central Park (which would be wonderful as well), but rather they aim to be a sustainable solution to transportation problems in some of Africa’s most rural areas.

Find out more about this project and how you can help, click here.

Source: Lady of the Press

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