Extending companies’ CSR into Adventure Tourism & Volunteer Travel

By Dian Hasan | September 21, 2009

VolunTourism & Adventure Travel-Xola Consulting

VolunTourism & Adventure Travel for CSR enhancements. Photo: Xola Consulting

Amid the growing popularity of VolunTourism (Volunteering while traveling), there are organizations that are promoting the idea not only to individuals for their personal growth, but also for the corporate world. Volunteer Travel, together with Adventure Travel is being offered as an extension of a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Here’s a look at how one US-based company does it ~ Xola Consulting Company.

Companies striving to excel in the burgeoning Green Economy must consistently demonstrate their commitment to creating social and environmental value both to customers and to staff.

Using Adventure Tourism and Volunteer Travel, you can enhance your company’s social corporate responsibility initiatives.


Example # 1: Sending off staff or customers to experience VolunTourism for better understanding of their own business.

Creating or Enhancing Volunteer Adventure Programs for Staff or Customers:
We’re seeing companies in a range of business sectors awaken to the potential of volunteer tourism programs—not only as a way to give back to communities—but as a powerful tool to support corporate team building initiatives and relationship-building with suppliers in foreign markets.

Example # 1: A US grocery store chain that sends it staff to Costa Rica and Guatemala to work for short stints in the villages where it sources the bananas it sells in retail outlets throughout the US.


Example # 2: Sending staff for short stints to the company's subsidiaries overseas.

Example # 2: A global consulting firm that sends its staff on 6-week engagements to support small businesses with financial services advice in countries in Eastern Europe.

These companies are not only supporting people in destination communities through the contributions of their volunteers—they’re also strengthening the network of relationships upon which the future of any business depends.

Team Building

Sending staff to faraway places for a "life-altering" experience.

Corporate Team Building Through Adventure and Volunteer Travel

Galvanize your team’s creativity and strengthen their teamwork with an adventure travel trip. Many companies recognize a trip like this could be fun and inspiring for staff but lack the time and expertise to evaluate and select an appropriate tour operator partner.

Let us share our extensive experience with adventure tourism operators and working with them to create programs for your company’s “life” changing adventure. Your team will return rejuvenated and motivated to not only work together to take the company to new heights.

Source: Xola Consulting

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