First-person look ~ VolunTourism. What’s it really like?

Peru 2007 392

VolunTourism in Peru. Americans helping repair a school. Photo: Tip of the Iceberg

Have you always wondered what is it like to go overseas, on a trip and be involved in helping others? You’ve been driven to pursue these loftier ideals, but are unsure about going the distance – across oceans – to lend a helping hand.

Here’s a first-hand look at but one example of a group of young Americans helping out with basic simple labor in fixing up a school in Peru. Blogging has certainly enabled us to get a better picture!

The Gang…Love ’em all.
The Sunflower, Peru
Jill, Illadio, Lauren, Neptali, Kayla, Yeison – The Workers

Sacred Valley, Peru
Above the orphanage…we’re at about 12,800 ft.

A Taxi in the Sacred Valley…motorized style

The Sunflower, Peru
Digging a trench for the water line

Painting the boys bathroom…we had paint everywhere.

No uniforms required…

Urabama, Peru (right beneath the orphanage)
Gathering rocks for the cobblestone path

From the river to the path…

The Sunflower, Peru
Yeri- absolutely the cutest boy alive

Paragliding in Lima, Peru
Getting prepped to jump off the cliff – that’s me in the white helmet. Dead sexy.

Flying along the Pacific ocean

Source: Tip of the Iceberg

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