Asian Elephants participate in Halloween in Dublin

By Dian Hasan | December 30, 2009

Dublin Zoo’s family of Asian elephants Yasmin, Bernhardine, Anak, Budi and Asha were getting into the Halloween spirit with Halloween pumpkins ahead of this weekend’s planned activities at Dublin Zoo.

As part of the ‘spooktacular’ Halloween festivities, Dublin Zoo will host a ‘pumpkin walk’ on the 31st October. Visitors to the Zoo are asked to bring along their own pumpkins to line the pumpkin walk. Afterwards they can watch some of their favourite animals at the Zoo, including the elephants, eating their pumpkins!

There are a variety of fun activities planned for 31st October at Dublin Zoo including a ‘creepy’ parade which will begin at 12.30pm on the Great Lawn. For a truly spooky makeover, special face painters will be on hand to transform the kids into their favourite spooky characters.

There will also be a ‘spooktacular’ Halloween market at Dublin Zoo where visitors can pick up some great Halloween treats including, crepes, Halloween cakes, toys and other festive favourites. Special Halloween keeper talks running throughout the day which will include some of the Zoo’s most popular animals along with some other scary creepy-crawlies!

Inspiration: blogilvy

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