Less palm-oil based soaps can save rainforests

By Dian Hasan | April 21, 2009

We all know the value of sustaining an environmental balance. Educating ourselves and others better on the dangers of how we – the planet’s most able, intelligent, resourceful species (or should I say, greedy? Maybe spoiled fits the shoe better!) take resources for survival and our own betterment.

The world’s rain forests are at stake, as they – to a great degree – hold the planet’s ecosystem in check. We know all too well the price we have to pay for continued destruction of rain forests, regardless the location. Whether the world’s largest – the Amazon, or the next one after – in Indonesia. We know what’s at stake. Or do we? …

Here’s an well-made short clip from Greenpeace to raise awareness on the compelling importance of this delicate balance. Because in the end, Indonesia’s rain forest survival hold the key to the future of kids like little Azizah. Her future depends on how we treat our rain forests today.

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