Favela Art Installation, Rio de Janeiro [1]

It is often said that Art inspires us to do good things, it provides us with the humanity that makes us the most unique and able of all species (read: creative) to walk this earth. Art is of course also known to transform something ordinary into extraordinary.

Such was the basic premise of Dutch Artist, Hass&Hahn who were inspired to bring art to favelas, Rio de Janeiro’s slum area.

This is the latest installment in a voluntary project that seeks to brighten up some of the dirtiest, undesirable locations in the World – making them appealing for people to visit, live in and to generally improve the morale of people whose lives suffer everyday.

Favella Painting is the brainchild of Dutch artist due Hass&Hahn, who, in 2006, developed the idea of creating “community-driven art interventions in Brazil”.

In Rio De Janeiro, a community group set-up a local project to turn your ordinary slum into a vibrant, uplifting square; removing the baron, run-down look that is common place in the City of God.

All workers were trained and received an education during the one-month of work.

The project, ‘O Morro’ (meaning ‘The Hill’), only stretches as far as the central square of Santa Marta, but providing more funds are raised, it is hoped the whole community will be transformed.

Inspiration: morgapple & Ideas Inspiring Innovation

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