Green Travel Blogs with the Greenest Ideas

By Dian Hasan | May 28, 2010

The words “Green” and “Travel” seem to be made for each other.  Green-, eco-, sustainable-travel, or anything under a different name, so long as it denotes a certain respect for and devotion (nah… that’s pushing it a bit!!) to planet earth.

Such growth in increased awareness is reflected in the number of websites and blogs that are focused on green travel. The following is a list of such blogs:

1. Terracurve – Educate yourself on the environmental policies of the travel choices you make.

2. Go Green Travel Green – Simple steps anyone can take to travel greener—eco travel tips, reviews and news.

3. Traveling Greener – A lovely blog devoted to the pleasures and pursuit of green travel.

4. Uprooted, An Eco Travel Blog.  A sustainable travel project by plucky Jessica Reeder, embarked on a journey around the globe to promote sustainability and volunteerism. Ecologically aware and environmentally viable travel on a very low budget.

5. Green Around the Globe – Travels and discoveries of a young, recently married couple that is traveling the world for a year to discover what sustainability means around the globe.

6. Green Traveler Guides – the name says it all.

7. Green Globetrotter. What are you looking for? If it’s related to green travel, you can probably find it here.

8. Sea Forever – Green travel that zooms in on our oceans and what they offer—scuba diving, ocean-based holidays, water adventures.

9. Green Traveller – Eco-friendly hotels and low-impact holidays in the UK and Europe.

10. Laura’s Ecoescape – Observations, advice and more from the author of the UK’s orginal eco-travel guide.

Inspiration: Green Traveler Guides

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