Ideas Inspiring Innovation | Furniture made from recycled plastic crates

They say we can be inspired by anything and everything around us. In a spur of the moment, a daily object as mundane as a plastic crate used to transport goods can become an inspiration for a line of “green furniture”.

Brazilian Architect and Designer Mauricio Arruda‘s Jose Collection (Linha José) is built with plastic crates and minimal waste in mind. The collection analyzes the the impact of a product life cycle.

The Jose Collection (Linha José) is inspired in the traditional street markets and open-air fairs in Brazil. The solid wooden shelving is constructed from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) wood. The wooden sheets are treated with natural carnauba wax, without the use of solvent-based finishes. The furniture’s design suggests a multi-purpose functionality. The plastic containers can be removed from the units, allowing people to store and transport objects, toys, food, clothing, books, bottles indoors or outdoors.

Inspiration: Haute Nature & Ideas Inspiring Innovation

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