Ideas Inspiring Innovation | Grasss-roots innovation for Mankind’s Basic Problems

By Dian Hasan | May 13, 2010

Sub-Saharan Africa: Water source is scarce and is located in remote areas, far from villages. Getting water is a daily struggle. Women and children must walk great distances to the water source and carry, haul or cart water in any means of water containers. This can often mean unhygienic conditions with inappropriate containers and exposure to bacteria. It is also physical demanding task and carries risk of injury, and is extremely time consuming.

A daily scene, occurring across the world at airports and other transportation hubs. Travelers pulling their suitcases and luggage on wheels.

A task that any traveler, regardless of gender, age or physical ability can do with relative ease. The law of physics is clearly at play, proving that pulling is definitely less strenuous than pushing.

SOLUTION # 1: Q-Drum: The simplest ideas often are the most powerful. Proof that you literally don’t need to “re-invent the wheel” to find the right solution.

It’s user-friendly and durable, made from Linear Low Density Polyethylene with high compatibility for foodstuffs and water. A simple design that allows the drum to be pulled using a rope that runs through the hole, with no removable or breakable handles or axles, with a simple spout for easy filling and closing.

SOLUTION # 2: Hippo Roller: a similar device as the Q-Drum, except that it comes with a steel handle, enabling both pulling and pushing.

Hippo Roller is a simple rolling barrel device that allows the million whose livelihoods depend on the daily fetching of water to more easily access and transport their daily water supply, and reduce the risk of long-term bodily injuries.

The roller holds 3-4 days worth of water for a family of 7, about 5 times the amount of water that can be moved using traditional methods, which frees up time for more productive economic and educational activities. It’s an amazing product and an amazing story of good design enabling communities.

Inspiration: Ideas Inspiring Innovation

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