Green Ideas: Covering Parking Lots with Solar Panels

Solar panels in parking lotsIf you’re going to pave paradise and put up a parking lot, at least cover it with a bunch of solar panels. That’s the message behindthis excellent interview
withEnvision SolarCEO Robert Noble in theNew York TimesGreen blog.

For the past four years, Envision Solar has been sheltering the concrete deserts that are parking lots – and prime real estate and urban heat islands to boot – with 1,000-square-foot solar canopies. The juice generated by the shade-providing panels flow into adjacent commercial buildings. (See photos of UC San Diego’s solar lotshere.)

But with therise of EVs,the company is working on modifying its designs to function as vehicle-charging stations. That could create a harmonious renewable system (likethis one) of PVs and EVs, independent of oil and coal power plants. And it would add a purposeful element to those empty, destitute stretches of asphalt.

–Brian Foley / photo courtesy Envision Solar

Source: Sierra Club

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