Quote of the Day ~ why social cause matters…

By Dian Hasan | September 12, 2010

Shanon Galpin, Founder of Mountain2Mountain, an NGO that fights for women's equality in Afghanistan

The social workers that are in the trenches, dealing with daily suffering of the millions around the world, from our own backyards, in the urban soup kitchens, the remote villages across Sub-Saharan Africa, to the backwaters of the least developed countries, where women are subjected to harsh treatment, reduced to third-class citizens, incapable of defending themselves, deprived of education and human rights. The latter is exactly the inhumane circumstance that afflicts Afghanistan women, and that has drawn the attention of Shannon Galpin, founder of Mountain2Mountain.org. The following are some of her thoughts.

Donors are the enablers. They enable our development, our projects, our programs to get off the whiteboard and into reality. Without funding, our programs couldn’t be implemented, much less flourish over generations. Donors are the ‘man behind the curtain’. Without them, we would only be talking, and we’d much rather be DOING.

Because Afghan women and girls are the key to long-term prosperity and stability.


Clinton wrote the book and thus coined the phrase, “It Takes a Village”… I’d argue it takes an army.

Not a military one.  An army of women.  A battalion of passionate mothers, daughters, and sisters, that are willing to sacrifice time, money, and energy to be crusaders of gender equity and human rights.

The time of turning a blind eye, of ignoring the headlines, or saying, “but what can I do about it?” has passed.  The time for change is now.

No longer can we ignore the women raped around the world, the girls trafficked across borders for prostitution, or the unplanned babies born to both.   Women and girls traded as commodities and used like a disposable, empty, object.

No more can we dismiss genital mutilation, ironing breasts, or other torturous concepts that put the blame of rape and childhood pregnancy on the women, instead of punishing the men that perpetrate the crimes.  Mutilating women to stem sexual assault just adds insult to injury.

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