Professionals volunteering pro bono services for a good cause [2]

Video from Taproot Founder Aaron Hurst from Taproot Foundation on Vimeo.

I stumbled upon a great non profit organization, Tap Root Foundation, whose core mission is to help provide professional services to other non profit organizations, via Pro Bono Services from Expert Professionals in their field.  Because in the end, just like corporations, non profit organizations face the same challenges of how to run their organizations efficiently and effectively, using a plethora of resources and skills… all for the goal of reaching their goals. Providing humanitarian efforts is a commendable action, anywhere on the planet, but these organizations must be run professionally too, it’s not as simply as a few do-gooders joining forces in their conviction of a great cause. Humanitarians may differ from their counterparts in the corporate sector with a higher degree of idealism, but the manner in which they run their organizations succumb to the same risk as corporations, in professional management, optimizing resources on hand, and seeking innovation to get things done better.

The challenges of Financing, Marketing, HRD-matters, and Operations, are all the same. The Tap Root Foundation recognized this challenge early on and seeks to make a difference by seeking help from professionals willing to donate/volunteer services pro bono. Great cause, lofty mission… deserving the support! Thank heavens for Social Media, spreading such commendable message has become so much easier… and their great cause… all the more doable!

When we think of someone volunteering for a nonprofit, a typical image which comes to mind involves an individual working in a homeless shelter or digging a well in Africa, taking a position on the front line to help those in dire need. But all nonprofits need help with infrastructure too: marketing, computers, human resources & finance.

Most organizations tackling social problems don’t have access to the marketing, design, technology, management or strategic planning resources they need to succeed. Without this talent, few are able to have their intended impact on critical issues like the environment, health and education. Taproot is a nonprofit organization that makes business talent available to organizations working to improve society.

Inspiration: Global Patriot

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