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Defining your green ~ don’t pigeonhole yourself! And just take action!

We live in a world that has been gripped by “green fever”. Or so it seems. And naturally, there are many shades of green out there, and we salute each and every one of them. So rather than be stuck … Continue reading

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Ideas Inspiring Innovation | Furniture made from recycled plastic crates

They say we can be inspired by anything and everything around us. In a spur of the moment, a daily object as mundane as a plastic crate used to transport goods can become an inspiration for a line of “green … Continue reading

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An ode to the earth’s most sustainable building material, Bamboo. Green School, Bali

By Dian Hasan | August 25, 2009 For centuries people across the the world’s sunbelt, and other tropical areas, have been living, breathing, eating bamboo. Bamboo was the source of choice for building materials, food, arts & crafts, and a … Continue reading

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Climate change drives Maldives to buy land

The Maldives will divert cash from tourism, to buy land in case rising sea levels submerge its low-lying coral islands, the vice-president-elect said. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik said the “worst-case scenario due to sea level rise would be that some … Continue reading

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The Goldman Environmental Prize 2009 for Yuyun Ismawati, BaliFokus ~ 1 of 2

As waste management problems mount throughout the Indonesian archipelago, Yuyun Ismawati implements sustainable community-based waste and sanitation management programs that provide employment opportunities to low-income people and empower them to improve the environment.

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Saving the Rainforest, Rebuilding Communities, One Orang Utan at a Time

One man’s odyssey that began with his compassion for the plight of the endangered Orang Utan in the jungles of Kalimantan (Indonesia’s Borneo), has developed into a truly exemplary life-long work of deforestation, rebuilding communities, reversing the adverse effects of … Continue reading

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Czechs Open School in Remote Region in the Himalayas

By Ondřej Bouda | April 21, 2009 In a feat of extraordinary planning and dedication, Czech volunteer enthusiasts have finished building an elementary school in the village of Kargyak, which lies in one of the most remote regions of the … Continue reading

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