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Protecting Marine Biodiversity: Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia

By Dian Hasan | July 08, 2009 As nations across the globe race into modernization and build economies that bring prosperity to their people, we are constantly reminded to venture forward gently while being mindful of how we utilize the … Continue reading

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How “good” is a hotel that does good? Here’s an insight

By Roshan McArthur | http://www.been-seen.com | March 15, 2009 How good should a hotel be? By ‘good’, I’m not talking about the number of stars it has. I’m refering to virtue. How kind, thoughtful, conscientious is it? Believe it or … Continue reading

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Eco-Travel, Responsible Travel, Sustainable Travel… making sense of all the lingo

Excerpts from Untamed Path Eco-Tourism, Eco-Travel, Eco-Lodges and just generally being “Eco” have become popular tourism sales pitches.  What is true ecotourism? What defines an ecolodge or an ecological company?  How is the surrounding community involved?  And finally, is ecotourism … Continue reading

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