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Terminology explained ~ Ecotourism, as experts see it

By Dian Hasan | July 23, 2010 In the quest to understand certain terminology, specifically those related to ecotourism, that must be sustainable and provide a direct impact to the immediate communities and the environment, it’s best to peer into … Continue reading

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Gap Adventures founder to speak at eco conference

By Dian Hasan | July 8, 2010 Bruce Poon Tip, founder of Gap Adventures, the world’s largest adventure travel company, has been signed up as a key note speaker at the inaugural World Green Tourism Conference 2010 taking place in … Continue reading

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Threats to Komodo’s Biodiversity ~ Destructive Fishing

By Dian Hasan | October 12, 2009 There are numerous threats to the biodiversity of Komodo National Park including human population pressure, tourism, the introduction of exotic species and poaching. However, the most potent threat lies in the destructive fishing … Continue reading

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Sustainable Tourism ~ Rainforest Alliance version

If you haven’t heard the word “sustainable tourism” in the last 12 months, then your brain has been on permanent sabbatical, or you’re simply a hermit living under a rock! All pun aside, if you think you’ve formulated a decent … Continue reading

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Rainforest Alliance ~ helping spread the green message, one business at a time

By Dian Hasan | September 23, 2009 For hotels and resort companies and other travel-related business that have been left in the dust amid the latest wave of “going green”, scratching their heads for the umpteenth time wanting to pursue … Continue reading

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Defining Adventure Tourism

I came across a well-explained definition of Adventure Tourism, according to Adventure Tourism Development Index (ATDI). Which was developed jointly Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), The George Washington University International Institute of Tourism Studies, and Xola Consulting. Here’s their take … Continue reading

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Eco-Travel, Responsible Travel, Sustainable Travel… making sense of all the lingo

Excerpts from Untamed Path Eco-Tourism, Eco-Travel, Eco-Lodges and just generally being “Eco” have become popular tourism sales pitches.  What is true ecotourism? What defines an ecolodge or an ecological company?  How is the surrounding community involved?  And finally, is ecotourism … Continue reading

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