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Green Buildings | Portland’s proposed vertical garden

By Dian Hasan | November 6, 2010 Already at the forefront of “urban green movement”, Portland, Oregon boasts among the nation’s highest per capita usage of bicycles, and the city continues to forge ahead with innovative thinking on how to … Continue reading

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Street-Level Innovation | Electric Folding Bike from Volkswagen (VW)

What looks more like a playful and innocent kid bike is actually Volkswagen’s answer to the low-emission urban transport solution. Named “bik.e”, it is an electric folding bike that folds into the size of a car’s spare tire and can … Continue reading

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Street-Level Innovation | The Suitcase Bike

The Suitcase Bike was a design concept that made its appearance in 2009. It now looks destined to make it into production. Slated to be available by late 2010, it’s priced around US$400. Fully assembled into a medium-sized suitcase (duh…!!!). … Continue reading

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Can Slum Tourism Be Done Right? Eric Weiner Says Yes.

With the success of the Oscar winning film, Slumdog Millionaire, “slum tourism” is on the rise. This type of travel, sometimes referred to as “poorism,” guides tourists through the slums of cities in India, Africa, and Mexico, among other destinations. These … Continue reading

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Why We Need Micro Loans Instead Of Slum Tourism

Recent articles by the BBC, The Guardian, The Globe and Mail, The Smithsonian Magazine, and others have discussed various aspects of “slum tourism.” This phenomenon, which began in Rio de Janeiro around 1992 and has now been popularized in Buenos Aires, New Delhi, Johannesburg, … Continue reading

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Rio’s Favela Tourism ~ a first-person look

By Dian Hasan | September18, 2009 With the growing popularity of “do good” travel or “doing good while traveling” of today, fueled by people’s increased awareness of the planet and its contents, one area of travel that has received renewed … Continue reading

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Poverty-stricken townships in South Africa drawing large number of tourists

South Africa is drawing large number of tourists these days. If you are thinking that it is some museum or any other tourist spot that is luring large number of people, then i must tell you that you are wrong. … Continue reading

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