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The 10-Steps to Sustainable Hospitality

By Dian Hasan | July 20, 2010 A new century of environmental consciousness is dawning. Under the pressures of explosive human population growth, our planet’s natural communities are shriveling rapidly. They are shrinking on all fronts because of the expansion … Continue reading

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Street-Level Innovation | Electric Folding Bike from Volkswagen (VW)

What looks more like a playful and innocent kid bike is actually Volkswagen’s answer to the low-emission urban transport solution. Named “bik.e”, it is an electric folding bike that folds into the size of a car’s spare tire and can … Continue reading

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Street-Level Innovation | The Suitcase Bike

The Suitcase Bike was a design concept that made its appearance in 2009. It now looks destined to make it into production. Slated to be available by late 2010, it’s priced around US$400. Fully assembled into a medium-sized suitcase (duh…!!!). … Continue reading

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Lotan Center for Creative Ecology ~ creating an Eco Community through “Green Apprenticeship”

By Dian Hasan | September 11, 2009 We continue to search for commendable and do-able “Green Ideas” that relate to travel & tourism, from all corners of the world. We deliberately use the term “Green Ideas” to avoid the confusion … Continue reading

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Bamboo Bike for a higher cause ~ philanthropy project for Africa

Innovation, sustainable material, alternative low-cost transportation, and philanthropy apparently can be in the same sentence. The Bamboo Bike Project is given the challenge to design a bicycle made of Bamboo (yes, you heard it correctly!) for use as transportation solution … Continue reading

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Interview with Brad Choyt, Director of John Hardy’s Green School in Bali, Indonesia

The Green School in Bali, a progressive English-based international school that was built on the mission to create a learning environment that is as close to the natural environment as possible. Open in 2008, brainchild of John Hardy, Canadian-born jeweler … Continue reading

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An ode to the earth’s most sustainable building material, Bamboo. Green School, Bali

By Dian Hasan | August 25, 2009 For centuries people across the the world’s sunbelt, and other tropical areas, have been living, breathing, eating bamboo. Bamboo was the source of choice for building materials, food, arts & crafts, and a … Continue reading

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Commute for Better Health

Want to do good and feel good? Get active. Exercise is one of the best things you can do for yourself and the environment. Biking or walking to work instead of using your car, for example, can lower your carbon … Continue reading

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