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Lotan Center for Creative Ecology ~ creating an Eco Community through “Green Apprenticeship”

By Dian Hasan | September 11, 2009 We continue to search for commendable and do-able “Green Ideas” that relate to travel & tourism, from all corners of the world. We deliberately use the term “Green Ideas” to avoid the confusion … Continue reading

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Eco Tourism in the Middle East: Jordan

Between all of the eco guesthouses popping up and the Israeli Tourism Ministry trying to go green by 2009, there’s no absence of environmentally friendly vacation options in Israel (hint hint, to all those out-of-towners planning their summer vacations in … Continue reading

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How to responsibly enjoy endangered animals

By Dian Hasan | September 10, 2009 This piece appeared in Tree Hugger, and I found it fascinating, as there are unique ways of enjoying or experiencing animals in the wild (in their natural habitat) that cause no harm. Us … Continue reading

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Ecotravel: Greening Your Getaway

All the talk of “staycations,” reducing one’s carbon footprint, and the wastefulness of private jet travel are enough induce a guilt attack when one thinks of jetting off to New Zealand to explore Great Mercury Island (see picture) or driving … Continue reading

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Fancy staying in the woods and help protect wildlife? Kolarbyn beckons then.

If your travel ideas stem from childhood fairy tales like Hansel & Gretel or Little Red Riding Hood, involving verdant European forests, leprechauns, the big bad wolf, the mean witch, and other surrealistic creatures that dwell in the woods, than … Continue reading

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Itching to become a Global Eco-Volunteer Traveler? Find out how.

By Dian Hasan | June 22, 2009 If you’ve always yearned to do good unto others, whether for humanity or for other good causes to help the environment or its animals, even when you are traveling, here’s a useful resource. … Continue reading

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Eco-Travel, Responsible Travel, Sustainable Travel… making sense of all the lingo

Excerpts from Untamed Path Eco-Tourism, Eco-Travel, Eco-Lodges and just generally being “Eco” have become popular tourism sales pitches.  What is true ecotourism? What defines an ecolodge or an ecological company?  How is the surrounding community involved?  And finally, is ecotourism … Continue reading

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